Making it a Great Website

A truly great website goes beyond what your users see and interact with. It should also be easy to manage.

Proprietary Websites

Gone are the days of frustration and delays when your website updates were tied to the person or company that developed it. That’s not effective anymore, nor was it ever, and it’s unnecessary for your local business’ website. You, the practice owner, or your team want to make simple changes or updates, and you should easily be able to do so.

Here is what typically happens:

  1. A company developed your website on its “proprietary” platform.
  2. This platform allowed them to make updates to your site.
  3. Any update beyond the scope of their system would require “custom” work to enable the new functionality. This could take weeks or months, or they would not be willing to do them.
  4. Each update you needed would require submitting a support ticket or its equivalent, which would, in turn, require a turnaround time that was usually longer than hoped.
  5. If/when you decided to move to another marketing agency, it wasn’t unusual that you were told that you couldn’t keep the website and were stuck with starting over from scratch.

WordPress For Local Business Websites

Now with content management systems such as WordPress, non-technical people can easily make almost any update to their website within minutes, even seconds. That is just one of the reasons why we develop all our client’s websites using WordPress. So far, we have not encountered a client that wasn’t thrilled with this option, whether or not they use it.

Here are a few more reasons why we recommend and only use WordPress for our client websites:

  • WordPress websites are quick and easy to create
  • WordPress is great for search optimization strategies
  • WordPress is easy to manage
  • WordPress is safe and secure
  • WordPress has a vast support community
  • WordPress has plugins for almost any functionality a typical site would need

WordPress provides a solid foundation for your local business’ website. It’s free, robust, easy to use, and also portable.

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