What is Content Curation?

Content curation is the process of gathering, organizing, and sharing information relevant to a specific topic or area of interest, typically performed by marketers to enhance their brand’s content strategy. Unlike content creation, which involves producing original content, curation involves sorting through existing content from various sources and selecting the most relevant pieces to share with an audience. This practice helps brands build authority and provide value to their audience without the constant need for creating new content.

Benefits of Content Curation

Enhanced Engagement

Curating high-quality content from diverse sources can increase engagement by providing a steady stream of valuable information that keeps the audience interested and informed. This is especially useful for keeping up with social media platforms, where frequent posting is essential for visibility.

Authority and Trust

By sharing expert content from credible sources, a brand can enhance its authority in a particular field. Over time, this helps build trust with the audience, as they come to rely on the brand as a dependable resource for information on specific topics.

Efficient Use of Resources

Content curation can be less resource-intensive than content creation. It allows brands to maintain an active online presence, engage with current trends, and provide fresh content to their audience without the same level of time investment required for creating new content.

Best Practices for Content Curation

Add Value

When curating content, it’s important to add your own insights or commentary. This could involve explaining why the content is relevant, providing additional context, or relating it to existing content strategies. This not only helps differentiate the curated content from the source but also enhances the connection with the audience.

Maintain Quality and Relevance

Select only content that is trustworthy, informative, and aligns with the brand’s values and audience’s interests. Ensuring the relevance and quality of curated content is key to maintaining the integrity of the brand.

Proper Attribution

Always credit the original source of the curated content. Proper attribution not only respects the original creator’s intellectual property but also adds to the credibility and ethical standing of the curating brand.


Content curation is a strategic and efficient way to enhance a brand’s content strategy, boost engagement, and establish authority in a specific niche. By carefully selecting and adding unique insights to relevant third-party content, marketers can provide continuous value to their audience while reinforcing their brand’s presence in the digital marketplace.