Search Engine Opimization

SEO for senior living websites involves optimizing the website’s content & structure, among other things, to improve its search engine ranking & visibility. The goal of SEO is to increase organic traffic & generate leads.

Google Ads

Our well-executed Google Ads campaigns help senior living communities increase their visibility & drive targeted traffic to their websites. This service generates leads & conversions very quickly, increasing ROI over time.

Content Creation

Our content creation & marketing services help you build trust & rapport with potential residents & their families, improve your website’s search engine ranking, & boost social media engagement & sharing.

Website Design

Our engaging website designs help establish credibility & trust with potential residents & their families, improve user experience, enhance SEO through optimized website design, & increase engagement & conversion rates.

Website Hosting

Our cloud-based hosting service helps ensure that your senior living community’s website is always online & accessible, providing a positive user experience for visitors & driving leads & conversions.

Call Tracking

Call tracking for senior living communities involves tracking & analyzing incoming phone calls generated by the website & other sources. This service allows you to optimize your marketing efforts & improve lead generation.