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Digital Transformation at the Heart of Stuart, Florida

Coastal Detox stands as a pillar of hope in Stuart, Florida, providing comprehensive detoxification services to those battling addiction and co-occurring disorders. Despite their critical mission, they faced challenges expanding their digital footprint to reach more needy individuals. This case study highlights how a strategic partnership with NetVisits, Inc. propelled Coastal Detox to new online visibility and client engagement levels, breaking through previous digital growth plateaus.

Overcoming A Digital Plateau

Initially, Coastal Detox’s digital marketing efforts had plateaued, limiting their reach and impact. Despite a foundational online presence built over six years with another partner, their digital growth stagnated, reflected in static website traffic, search engine rankings, and facility occupancy rates. Seeking a breakthrough, Coastal Detox turned to NetVisits, Inc., inspired by its reputation for delivering tangible digital marketing results.

Strategic Objectives for Digital Dominance

Coastal Detox’s collaboration with NetVisits, Inc. was driven by the goal to:

Enhance Online Presence

Aimed at boosting visibility on Google and ranking for a more comprehensive array of relevant keywords to reach more potential clients.

Increase Client Engagement

Sought to translate improved online presence into higher inquiries, leads, and ultimately, facility occupancy.

Achieve Sustainable Growth

Focused on creating a robust digital platform capable of adapting to the evolving digital landscape for long-term success.

Innovative Solutions by NetVisits, Inc.

NetVisits, Inc. introduced a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy, including:

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Transformational Outcomes

The partnership’s success was marked by:

Surge in Online Traffic

Coastal Detox saw a dramatic increase in monthly users from organic search, jumping from 6.4k to 16.9k, significantly enhancing their online visibility.

Boost in Client Inquiries

Website calls soared by 160%, indicating a substantial rise in potential clients reaching out for services.

Website Engagement

The revamped website contributed to this success by improving the visitor experience, directly influencing higher engagement and inquiries.

Content Impact

The strategic content bolstered SEO rankings and cemented Coastal Detox’s authority in addiction recovery, building trust with its audience.

Our phone calls went up 40% in 3 months

Before NetVisits, we had a relationship with a digital partner, who’s main focus for us was SEO (building our digital presence from the ground up). We were with them for ~6 years, and they took us from zero to what we thought was a solid spot. Then, based on good word from other leaders in our industry, we gave NetVisits a shot to show us what they could do. Our phone calls went up 40% in 3 months, our website traffic doubled, & most importantly we are getting amazing consistent communication with their team.

It’s been 7 months & we keep waiting for the ‘fake magic’ to stop, but it keeps getting better. If you have any doubt about making the switch to NetVisits, call us and we will share our success story to put your mind at ease.


Ross T.
COO, Coastal Detox

A Digital Marketing Success Story

This collaboration between Coastal Detox and NetVisits, Inc. exemplifies how strategic digital marketing can revolutionize the reach and impact of specialized medical services. By significantly enhancing its digital presence, Coastal Detox has fulfilled its mission more effectively, offering life-changing services to a broader audience. This case study serves as a benchmark for digital marketing excellence, showcasing the potential for other businesses to replicate this success and achieve sustainable growth.

A Digital Era Legacy

This case study not only celebrates the successful digital transformation of A Screen Repair but also highlights the importance of aligning online presence with offline reputation. Through strategic collaboration and a focus on long-term digital growth, A Screen Repair has not only cemented its legacy in the digital age but also set new benchmarks for excellence in the screen repair industry.

Additional accolades, such as becoming Florida’s most positively reviewed service and achieving top rankings in Orlando, further affirm A Screen Repair’s leadership and excellence. This journey from digital obscurity to industry frontrunner exemplifies the transformative impact of a focused digital strategy and a partnership built on delivering real results.

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